Creative Art Start
Program for boys and girls (ages 6 - 14 years old)


Kindergarten After School


Robot car - afterschool

Robot Artist



Balloon Car

Kindergarten – Toy Inventions

Children create and invent new kinds of exciting toys and games such as jitterbugs, gizmos, balloon cars, and story cubes. Using a range of different materials studentsare able to make links with traditional toys and games and their own unique creations. The weekly projects incorporate aspects of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and even Math.





Architecture and Engineering – Dr Cindy Maguire

The possibilities are limitless as boys are introduced to a variety of exciting materials to explore, build and construct real and imaginary structures. Emphasis is placed on bringing together the basic concepts of engineering, architecture and play. They will learn how engineers and designers collaborate to test and improve on their ideas, and arrive at a final product.


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